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Ecommerce Video and Why You Need It

Ecommerce Video Explained

E-commerce videos are the future happening right now, and they have become a must for e-commerce success. Even despite the availability of new technologies like AI and VR, many retailers have not even reached the level of properly retouched images (talk to us and we can do it for you 😊 ).

The industry is moving towards visuals and quick shopping experiences. Customers now demand a selection of beautifully retouched images accompanied by immersive videos to fully engage themselves in the shopping process. The modern shopper seeks a rapid and visual shopping experience without spending hours browsing. By showcasing beautifully retouched images and immersive videos, businesses can accelerate the shopping process and make it enjoyable for their customers.

White background images capture the customer’s attention. When they enter a product page, they should be enchanted by the presentation. The product must be displayed from every angle, and customers also expect to see the product in real-life use to better understand its features. Presenting the product in the best possible way is crucial.

While creating videos may be more challenging and resource-intensive, there is still plenty of room for companies to incorporate product video showcasing. Doing so sets these companies apart, adds a sense of professionalism, and reassures customers that the product they see is taken seriously by the company.

Here's why you need to incorporate video into your ecommerce strategy:

Bring Products to Life

Allowing customers to see products in action is critical. Video shows details, usage, scale, and material in a way static images cannot. Demonstration videos can highlight features, while 360 spins give a full look. This builds trust and understanding.

Increase Conversions

Video is proven to improve conversions. One study found including a product video on the page can increase conversions by 144%. The reason is video better informs customers so they feel confident purchasing.

Stand Out from Competitors

As video becomes more ubiquitous in ecommerce, brands without video will seem outdated. Recent studies show over 50% of companies are using product videos. Not leveraging video will make you seem behind the times.

Optimize for Mobile

With over 50% of ecommerce transactions now on mobile devices, video optimization is key. Short, visually-compelling videos tailored for vertical viewing are needed to engage this audience.

Improve SEO

Videos on site can improve SEO rankings by increasing time on page, decreasing bounce rates, and providing engaging content. Optimize videos with keywords for maximum search impact.

Go Viral

Well-produced, clever videos can spread like wildfire on social media. Videos are shared 1200% more than links and text combined. Viral videos build brand awareness and drive traffic.

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