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We want to work with you seeks talented retouchers with a sharp eye for color, lighting, and photo realism.

The responsibilities of the role include:

  • Performing advanced image editing using Adobe Photoshop to achieve color accuracy, combining multiple exposures, and modifying environments/backgrounds as needed.
  • Adhering to creative direction provided by the Photographers, Creative Studio Lead, and Creative Director, and making necessary adjustments.
  • Evaluating current practices against industry standards and recommending changes to improve efficiency and stay up-to-date.
  • Organizing digital assets according to file naming conventions, color space, crop size, and other technical specifications.
  • Consistently producing high-quality work within a timely manner.
  • Gaining an understanding of the company’s photo guidelines and previous/current/upcoming asset productions to achieve the desired level of quality.
  • Ensuring color consistency across product collections, matching to fabric samples, and across traditional and digital finishing.
  • Collaborating with Photographers, external retouching agencies, and color grading studios to maintain visual integrity.
  • Acting as the on-set quality assurance and color expert.
  • Providing input and suggestions for future content productions to streamline post-production workflows.
  • Opportunities to influence future photo and film productions, if desired.

Skills and requirements

  • Expert with Photoshop and Bridge, proficient with all other Adobe Creative Cloud products 
  • Capture One proficiency is a plus
  • Highly proficient in all aspects of digital image quality control and output. File size, light, color balance, and retouching
  • 2+ years of commercial retouching experience
  • Wacom/other tablets experience
  • A portfolio with before/after samples that demonstrates your ability to bring to life premium visuals
  • Fluent in English and/or Polish
  • Familiarity with studio tools, lighting, technical software and systems
  • Interest in video editing and color grading is a plus
  • Experience in using communication tools
  • High class organizational skills

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